Prep Basketball: Favorite Seniors Part I

High school season ended about a month or so ago. As we patiently wait for the 2018-19 campaign, let’s reflect on some of the seniors that impressed me the most. Going to list those I saw play in person only, and the list is in no particular order.

Tyree Winborn

The prolofic scorer, Winborn put his all on the court every time he stepped on it. Under the tutelage of Coach Evan Porter, Winborn helped bring athletic credibility to Van Nuys, a school that has generally been an afterthought. Multiple 30 and 40 point games, against top notch opposition, such as Bishop Montgomery, Winborn is currently an unsigned member of the 2018 class, with rumored offers from Air Force and Binghamton. He may be a tad bit undersized, listed at 5’9″, but his heart and play more than make up for that. Finishing in the paint among the trees, a quick dribble move or two opens up the threes, forcing turnovers for open looks. A full offensive repertoire that can do damage on any court, at any time.

Trae Harril (Hart > Cal Lutheran)

A cool, composed guard, Harril’s basketball intelligence would make MENSA proud. Bit of a jack-of-all-trades option, there is little Harril is unable to do at a high level. You need him to facilitate? Drive and finish? Hit a momentum stopping or starting shot? Harass his man 94 feet? No problem. Oh, and watch his athleticism as he can also finish alley oops just as well as he dishes them. Cal Lutheran signed themselves a gem here, as the young guard is perfect fit.

Ethelbert Anum (King/Drew)

Not many believed that the Golden Eagles, whose home gymnasium hosts the legendary Drew League, would make a late February run. And yet, they did. Propelled by their senior guard that boasts a 4.3 grade point average to go with his on court play, Anum scored off his own miss to give the Golden Eagles the LACIF Div II title, answering a corner three by the afformentioned Winborn. Then, as a 15 seed in the CIF-State tournament, Anum and his Eagles made it to the regional semi finals with two road wins. It’s unknown where Anum will take his talents, but considering his play on the court, and how well he hits the books, whoever takes this young man is going to net a humble winner.

Ronnie Stapps (Bakersfield > Cal State Bakersfield)

After watching Stapp play just once, I was intrigued by his game. Stapp and his Drillers played a tough game agaist Marvin Coleman II and the Foothill Falcons of Nevada. What did Ronnie do at the legendary Westchester Comets court? A pedestrian 20 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals. The scrappy wing man was everywhere, deflecting passes, getting out on the break and hitting three from range. Tyrone Wallace of the Clippers would be proud of his Alma matter for developing a talent.

David Singleton III (Bishop Montgomery > UCLA)

Watching the Knights bulldoze through the Ariza Tip Off Classic until the finals, where they eeked out a victory against the Westchester Comets, I was absolutely amazed by their play. The comradeship, teamwork, hustle, energy, heart, and every other synonym you can put think of was on another level. And Singelton was the leader of this ferocious unit. A swing man that plays within his game, isn’t afraid of any challenge that doesn’t have many holes in his game is the perfect description of the Knights swing-man.


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