About Me

Welcome to my page, where I pull put forth my opinions on my favorite sport teams, so some bias is to be expected! I am an avid fan of the Los Angeles Clippers and have been since Quentin Richardson would bang his head after every made three, while the Armenian National Team is second in the pecking order.

If I had to continue to list my teams, in order of fandom, it would probably follow up with the UCLA Bruins Basketball, the Los Angeles Galaxy, United States National Team, Green Bay Packers, Cal-State Northridge Basketball, UCLA Bruins Football, Atlanta Braves and the Detroit Red Wings.

Outside of sports, I enjoy spending time with my family and am anticipating teaching my daughter the fundamentals of sports. Video games are also a major passion (Playstation Fan Here, feel free to add: MikeK520 [Yes, I have a story behind it]) as well as just sitting back and listening to music.

I used to write on BleacherReport & SportsBlog  but have decided to try my own thing out. Feel free to connect with me on Social Media at FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedInInstagram or E-Mail.

If you’d like to help out, feel free to do so through PayPal 



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