World Cup: Group E & Group F Final Match-Day

After a great morning of World Cup Soccer, we have another day coming up that can see Brazil and Germany, the defending champions, heading home from Russia. Mexico, who are atop their group with two victories, can end up being eliminated despite six points. Here are quick looks at the scenario’s for this morning’s action.

Group E:

Costa Rica already being eliminated, has the potential to play spoiler for Switzerland, who fought back hard against Serbia during Match Day 2 to keep their knock-out stage hopes alive. Had Serbia held on to their early 1-nil lead, they would have made it over to the knock-out stages. Here’s how each nation can move on:

Brazil: A victory or draw sends them over to the knock-outs without questions asked. A win/draw and a Switzerland loss/draw wins them the group. A win and a win by Switzerland without the Swiss making up the 1-goal differential advantage Brazil holds also win them the group.

With a defeat, Brazil will need to hope that Costa Rica defeats Switzerland, otherwise, any other result will send the South American’s home. If Brazil loses, they need Costa Rica to win as well, while the difference in the two side’s defeats doesn’t combine to 2+.

Switzerland: Similar to Brazil, all they need is a victory or a draw to move onto the knock-outs. In order to win the group, a victory combined with a Brazil defeat or draw clinches it. If Switzerland is to lose, they would be eliminated IF Serbia-Brazil draw 2-2 or higher OR Brazil loses by one while Switzerland does as well. If Switzerland loses by one and Serbia wins by to or better, then Switzerland makes it through.

Serbia: Very simple for Serbia, win and you are throw. A draw would require for Switzerland to lose by two for the Eastern European side to go through.

Brazil 1 – 1 Serbia
Switzerland 2 – 1 Costa Rica

Switzerland ends up winning the group, while Serbia gets another early finish but can’t contain the Brazilian attack, much like they couldn’t hold the Swiss attack. Costa Rica finally nets one, but goes home empty handed.

Group F:

A stunning opening win against Germany put Mexico in the drivers seat, with a 2-1 victory over the Korea Republic further cementing that, while Germany scored a stunning 2-1 victory over Sweden thanks to a spectacular free kick strike by Kroos.

Mexico: A victory or draw puts Mexico into the knock-out stages, with a victory clinching them the group. A defeat can send the Mexicans home if Germany defeats the Korean Republic. Unless Germany wins 1-nil and Mexico loses by one with a score. If Mexico remains scoreless OR Germany beats Korea Republic by two goals or more, than Mexico will be heading home.

Germany: A victory sends the Germans through, with a slim chance of winning the group if Sweden defeats Mexico and Germany throttles Korea. A draw will also send Germany through providing Mexico win OR Sweden draw Mexico with less goals scored.

Sweden: A victory and a German defeats puts the Swedes through.If Sweden draws and Germany loses OR Sweden scores more in their draw than Germany does in theirs, they will be through.

Korea Republic: Need to beat Germany by two goals or more while Mexico defeats Sweden.

Mexico 3 – 1 Sweden
Korea Republic 0 – 3 Germany

Mexico ends up winning the group with a date against Brazil on the slate, while the Germans will face off against the Swiss.



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