RiotSquad FIFA World Cup Predictions! Groups D-F

We are getting closer to kick-off of the Riotsquad FIFA World Cup! Here are the predictions for Groups D, E & F with the knock-out stage to follow.

Group’s A-C can be found here.

Group D:

Group D should, in all actuality, be renamed to Group S, as it features Sweden (cervantesalex), South Korea (VGNgamer12) & Senegal (MarkTwain) to go with our gracious commissioner (hugeeto) and his Belgian Waffles. Real life would have this as a very uninteresting group, however, the FIFA universe greatly dominates that of real life and this will be a tough one to call.

MD1: South Korea 1 – 2 Belgium / Senegal 0 – 2 Sweden
-South Koreans do all they can to stop Belgium, but fail, getting stuck In Bruges like Colin Farrell. On the other end, behind the blessing of Odin, the Swedes take care of business against the African side.

MD2: Belgium 3 – 1 Sweden / South Korea 1 – 0 Senegal
-Belgium guarantees it’s advance, while the Koreans figure are unable to convert numerous opportunities. Senegal holds on to slim hope, needing a big win during MD3.

MD3: Sweden 2 – 4 South Korea /  Belgium 1 – 3 Senegal
-Having clinched a spot in the knock-out, Belgium don’t put in full effort against Senegal, who finally find the target and don’t stop. South Korea convert more than Sweden to win the group.

Group E:

Memmer hopes to lead Lionel Messi to his first World Cup championship, but won’t have an easy time as Mo Salah’s Egypt (tigerhawk20) will look to win the group and ninongedric’s Japan and rpena3’s Panama want to make a statement of being overlooked.

MD1: Panama 2 – 3 Argentina / Japan 1 – 1 Egypt
– Messi is just enough to top the CONCACAF side, while Mo Salah gets a late equalizer to put the African’s on the board and salvage a draw.

MD2: Argentina 3 – 3 Egypt / Panama 0 – 1 Japan
-An absolute barn burner, as two Ballon finalists net braces while the Asians score early and hold on tight for the three points.

MD3: Argentina 3 – 1 Japan / Egypt 5 – 2 Panama
-With the group on the line, Argentina shows up to hold off the Japanese, while the Egyptians power through Panama to clinch a spot in the knock-out stages.

Group F: 

A candidate for the death group, F features three sides selected in the top 10 with DKline’s Germans being the top overall selection. Shutupgilberto’s Brazil look to redeem themselves from a failure in 2014, while James Rodriguez hopes to lead his Colombians (Jewishtamale) to uncharted territory. The Flying Eagles of Nigera (texaz41) will look to make an impact.

MD1: Brazil 4 – 1 Nigeria / Germany 6 – 3 Colombia
-High scoring affairs, as the Brazilians explode for four after going down 1-nil early, while Falcao’s hat trick isn’t enough to keep the Colombian’s within striking distance of the Germans.

MD2: Nigeria 3 – 3 Colombia / Brazil 3 – 3 Germany
-Colombia scores late to gain a point and keep third spot hopes alive, while the Germans keep scoring but can’t separate themselves from the Brazilians with a tough draw.

MD3: Colombia 2 – 1 Brazil / Germany 4 – 2 Nigeria
-Keeping knock out hopes alive, Colombia does just enough to squeeze past their fellow CONMEBOL side, while Germany avenges the draw with a tough fought win.

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