RiotSquad FIFA World Cup Predictions! Groups A-C.

The FIFA World Cup is officially less than a month away. Before we head to Russia, we will see a grueling battle between 24 fans of the true LA team for e-World Cup Glory. Here’s one competitor’s predictions on how the group stages will play out!

*Since schedules aren’t out, matchdays are done at random.

Group A:

Group A features three known commodities from Riotsquad S1 with a single unknown commodity. None of which made the playoffs and will look to avenge themselves. Samoabob (France) is still alive in the Open Cup. Here are the predictions!

MD 1: Peru 2 – 2 Poland / Uruguay 3 – 1 France
-Owwwalex is able to guide the Peruvians to a draw against Dave, while Roro utilizes the biter well to an early victory against Bob’s Frenchmen.

MD2: Peru 1 – 2 Uruguay / Poland 2 – 3 France
-Roro continues his play with a solid victory over Peru, unable to keep a clean sheet while Bob takes an early lead and holds on to three key points.

MD3: Peru 2 – 4 France / Poland 3 – 1 Uruguay
-The power of the Frenchmen is too much for the South Americans to combat with, while Dave keeps his hopes of being one of the best third place teams alive with a statement win.

Group B:

Considered to be the Group of Death, which will need to pray onto Odin to guide them through, Group B boasts two 20-win sides (LarinJR [England] & Jerbear [Spain]) and a US Open Cup quarterfinalist (Zerocool138 [Croatia]). Bsaberi10 will need Cristiano to be on point as he looks to make a grand entrance with Portugal.

MD1: England 4 – 1 Portugal / Spain 3 – 1 Croatia
-Larin puts on a show to welcome Bsaberi to the league while the Spaniards do just enough against the Croats to control the pace.

MD2: England 0 – 2 Spain / Croatia 2 – 1 Portugal
-Bear shows he wants to win the group outright, while Zero keeps his hopes of making out of the group alive with a tight nit win.

MD3: England 4 – 2 Croatia / Portugal 3 – 1 Spain
-Larin knows he has to win if he wants a shot at the group, and does so convincingly, while Bsaberi fights to keep himself alive with one of the biggest upsets of the competition.

Group C: 

Unclesam760 will look to replicate his MLS Cup run with the Sounders as he looks to navigate Sjrbia past Mexico (adf3691), Costa Rica (Heavywood8) & Iceland (Banksy21). It is unknown if a replacement will be needed for Iceland as Banksy has recently gone MIA.

MD1: Iceland 0 – 4 Serbia / Mexico 3 – 1 Costa Rica
-No matter who is leading Iceland, expect UncleSam to take the 24th picked Serbian side to a dominating early performance, while asdf does well to hold onto an early in against Costa Rica, all in spite of Gio Dos Santos.

MD2: Iceland 1 – 2 Costa Rica / Serbia 5 – 2 Mexico
-Heavy gets himself back into the thick of things, while Gio does Gio things to help the Sjrbians get a big victory.

MD3: Iceland 0 – 2 Mexico / Serbia 3 – 1 Costa Rica
-A clutch victory by adf gives Mexico the second spot, while heavywood is unable to stop UncleSam and will wait to see how the rest of the groups play out.


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