Clippers Rout Lakers 108-92

A new culture in Los Angeles for the Clippers was apparent in the teams convincing 108-92 victory against the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday evening. Eight new additions made their debut while Blake Griffin got off to a nice start on his MVP campaign and DeAndre Jordan did DeAndre Jordan things with 24 rebounds. Well, he (Jordan) sprinkled in a bit off Steve Nash as he hit all four of his free throw attempts. As a team, the Clippers hit 12-13 from the line, a staggering 92.3%.


1] Clippers Look Happy. The ball movement and getting everyone involved on offense carried over to defensive effort. Griffin, especially, seemed like he was genuinely having a good time for the first time in a while, and Jordan was zeroed in on his game after getting a throw down into the block. Will be interesting to see if the emotions remain positive when facing adversity.

2] Griffin looked comfortable being the face of the franchise, and played with aggression not seen since his second season. Not settling for jumpers, Blake consistently went to the basket and got easy looks over his counterparts. Crashed the glass with a mission, as shown by his 12 rebounds. Does need to slow down a bit though and stop thinking he’ll get every call. Bonus, it was great to see him not complain after thinking he was fouled and no whistle.

3] Beverly’s energy was on high display. The last time the Clippers had a player with Beverly’s aggression was Matt Barnes, and prior, Sam Cassell. The definition of a “guy you love to play with, despite to play against,” Beverly will continue to aide in the culture change. Best part? He’s signed for another year at a whopping $5M.

Player of the Game:


Blake Griffin, no questions asked.


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