Alan Anderson: 2017 Report Card

When a guy is signed to complete the roster, playing time tends to be limited. And that was no different with Alan Anderson and the Los Angeles Clippers. Appearing in only 30 games, Anderson netted just over 10 minutes a contest while providing very little. In fact, advanced metrics have Anderson as a net negative, with a Net Rating of -10.8. Still, it would be ignorant to claim that he wasn’t an integral part of the franchise.

Strengths: Anderson was brought in to, essentially, be an extension of the coaching staff into the locker room, and that was clearly shown throughout the campaign. Despite a lack of consistent playing time, Anderson never showed any sort of dissent, but instead, was consistently propping up teammates and rallying the troops. From Chris Paul praising Anderson’s ability to rally the troops, to DeAndre Jordan saying that “he’s one of the best teammates I’ve ever had,” to Doc Rivers calling him the best teammate in the world, there is little question that he will, one day, be one heck of a coach.

Weaknesses: Now, this is where it gets ugly for Alan. As mentioned, his Net Rating was -10.8, which is just plain abysmal, especially compared to the Clippers +4.2 as a unit. A Defensive Rating of 114 didn’t help much, nor did his atrocious 37.5% shooting from the field and 31.8% from behind the arc. Even Paul Pierce outplayed Anderson in less minutes. However, it’d be unfair to judge Anderson solely on his play on the court.

Best Moment: In a blow out victory against the Pelicans, Anderson came off the bench and put up decent numbers while keeping the team’s morale high. In 18 minutes of action, Anderson scored seven while grabbing a steal, rebound and dishing out an assist. He hit three of his six field goal attempts, including splitting three point attempts. Finishing the game with a +9.

Worst Moment: With Paul and Blake Griffin out, the Clippers went into the Mile High City, and came out with a 25 point defeat at the hands of the Denver Nuggets. While the loss can’t be blamed on Anderson, who only appeared in 10 minutes, he had a pretty bad game, despite finishing a Clipper best -1 (that just shows how the game went). Anderson took six shots, four from range, hitting only one while burying both of his free throws to end the night with five points.

Summary/Outlook: At the ripe age of 34, there isn’t much room for growth and the market for “over-the-hill” swing-men that are ineffective isn’t very deep. However, Anderson’s continued good aura and knowledge of the beautiful game will keep him around the association in one capacity or another.

Final Grade: B. He did what he was brought in to do to help team chemistry, but his play on the court was still disappointing. Still, no one can place doubt on Anderson’s ability to be the perfect teammate.



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